Business e via Italy (BEV) is
 a Business Facilitation
 Service Provider. 

Using our Business Network 
we create mutually
 beneficial business

Business Network


Transaction flow

€889 M






"Now thanks to BEV, the work is easier” Davide Jin, Founder Xiangmi (Read More)


“With BEV's persistence and guidance and the able assistance of their Chinese partner Yufei Wu, we finally met a Chinese investor who signed a contract within 30 days of our introduction.” Avi Aliman, Business Development Director and co-founder of Italian medical robotics company ValueBioTech (Read More)


“I like the way BEV is so efficient and competent, they work quickly and get things done. It is all extremely professional. They also have a really good strong network of contacts that they know how to use.” Arvind Singal, CEO, DETS India (Read More)

“We decided to work with BEV as we believe they will help accelerate the development of our overseas markets, especially China. " Luca Giani, the CEO of Mokarabia (Read More)

"One thing that Albert liked in particular was that BEV introduced Milor to potential Chinese clients that were on the pipeline" Albert Mouhadab, Vice President, Milor (Read More)

"I contacted Ben Radomski and Ronny Nessim from Business e Via Italy (BEV). They are just amazing. Not only do they produce results really fast, they also totally understand the product and believe in it. I didn't have to explain my vision, they got it immediately. Our meetings were very productive and very easy. The BEV team seem to have connections everywhere." Stephen F, CEO (Read More)

"He handled the accountant, the notary, got us office space and helped retain the existing staff too. It was extremely efficient and reasonably fast too." David Hyett, (Read More)

“Ben of BEV is a master networker. I appreciate his open mind, his willingness to create links, relationship and to support anything that’s innovative, active and working. So whatever he does it’s interesting for me and I enjoy involving and promoting him in whatever we do. He is a good professional who I trust.” Matteo Cerri, CEO of the international activities of The Family Officer Group (Read More)