Mamma Mia That Tastes Good! And it’s Kosher Made-in-Italy Too.

Warning: do not read on an empty stomach.

Milan, 2018: It’s been a long time coming, but at last fresh kosher pasta and glorious gelato is available in the States, courtesy of a Swede and an American living in Italy who have founded exciting new Italian kosher food company Gusto Buono, which means “good taste” in Italian.

So, hungry journalist, imagine this: fresh gnocchi cocooning butternut squash and ricotta, golden half-moons of ravioli bursting with sun-kissed Italian tomatoes and moist mozzarella, tiramisu gelato with creamy mascarpone and a hit of espresso coffee … Until now, if you wanted to eat kosher from Italy, that was the only place these goodies could be found – in your imagination. It was simply not fair and not right. That’s what Italian residents Benjamin Radomski and Jack Dwek thought too, which is why they decided to plug this gap in the market in the most delicious way possible.

The new range of pasta, cheese, cured meats and parve and dairy ice cream is intended primarily for the Jewish consumer, but Radomski and Dwek believe that anyone who values great authentic Italian taste and the strict quality controls involved in kosher production will love Gusto Buono. Made in Brescia, a stone’s throw from the Italian lakes at the foot of the Alps, by Italians under stringent Rabbinic supervision, Gusto Buono has taken three years to develop.

“This is incredible gnocchi. Absolutely amazing. My compliments!” says the voice on the phone. Not that unusual perhaps, as the comments from impressed tasters have ranged from “God bless you for doing this!” to “I’m in heaven!” But this caller was Italian. Italians don’t hand out food compliments easily. To have an Italian tell you your food is great really is the ultimate accolade.

Buon appetito!

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