Cartiera Nord Italia

  • The Company has been active since the 80s in the recycling process and production of medium paper.

  • It is located in North Italy, in a strategic position for the purchasing of waste paper and the subsequent selling of paper reels, so having favourable logistic costs in and out.

  • The Paper Mill has an useful width of 250 cm and produces about 50.000 tons/year of paper (fluting, medium and semi- chemical).

  • The Company employees 35 workers and the management includes both family members and external managers.

  • The factory has an important logistic position, an area of 33.310 m2 of which 9.080 m2 covered. The water purification is guaranteed by a local consortium.

  • The procurement of thermic energy comes from a steam generator BONO powered by methane gas with a steam production of 20 t/h at 15 bar and equipped of recirculation of gases and economiser; the electric power is produced by a cogeneration plant with an endothermic engine of 2.681 Kwh; it produces 50 mc/h of hot water at 90 C° and 1,5 t/h of steam.

  • The Company has a production of 6,25 tons/hour, it is active 335/340 days per year with an uptime of 93%, while the waste is negligible.

  • 70% of customers are into the range of 80 km and the rest not more than 300 km (during 2017 the average cost of transporting was 8,57 €/ton). The customers are both multinational clients and independent packaging producers.


  • The property is willing to sell up to 100% of shares.

  • With an investment of about 20 Mil. extending the useful width from 250 to 280 cm it is possible to more than double the production capacity, reaching 120.000 tons./year with a total of 45 persons.

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