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Medical sector

1.Pharmaceutical: 505B2 and first-in Class projects or technical platforms in the fields of gynecology, anti-tumor, severe infection, CNS, digestive tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases clinical stage I, II and III. Investment mode is mainly license-in, of course, merger and acquisition or equity investment is also possible.

2.Technology platform includes: inhalation preparation, microsphere technology, gene testing, etc.

3.Medical equipment: In vitro testing, precision medical equipment (testing)

Industry and manufacturing 1. precision machine tool 2. Gas turbine, air compressor 3. industrial automation, Core parts of robot, Machine vision (detection and measurement equipment) 4. Chip, semi-conductor 5. Precision testing equipment in Pan-semiconductor field (integrated circuit, flat panel display) 6. Electronic heating elements 7. Die steel, precise die mould 8. High-speed gear 9. Auto parts, driver assistance systems and core components (sensors, etc.) 10. Industrial equipment using laser (laser cutting and welding, etc.) 11. Intelligent logistics (AGV, handling robot) 12. Automatic ship navigation system/Marine Autopilot Steering System

New energy technology 1. Hydrogen energy reactor 2. Green Car Accessories --- has core technology and mature,formed a scale in foreign markets 3. Lithium battery 4. Hydrogen engine

Environmental field (1)Environmental testing (2)Core components

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