Faucet accessories - brass and stainless steel

The Italian company has been operating for over 25 years in the production of deep drawing and turning of brass and stainless steel parts.

The company deals with cold forging, in particular, it manages the processes of drawing, shearing, bending, cold forming. It has 3 fully automatic transfer presses and 17 combined load presses that allow the processing of brass and steel plates with large diameters (400 mm) and 1500 mm in length. Machined in steel and brass up to 3.5 mm thick.

Turning: Bar machining up to 72 mm in diameter and 250 mm in length. Machining from molded parts and pieces up to 150 mm. The machines are equipped with automatic loading some machines have a robotic loading with optical recognition of the pieces.

Cleaning - Polishing: fully automatic polishing carousels with independent palletizing systems and two anthropomorphic robots suitable for polishing large slabs or items with a particular design. To complete the department, a manual polishing unit is used for sampling and testing of materials.

Galvanic: this is a fully automatic in-line galvanic system equipped with a frame recognition PLC system. Production capacity 1000 looms per day. (NSF certification) for the production of items for the "Food & Beverage" of the American market. Internal tests.

The core business is the supply of accessories for the sanitary taps industry even if there are activities in the mechanical, furniture, thermo-hydraulic, automotive, air conditioning and heating sectors

Customers are represented by market leaders at a European level

Property: Covered area 6,000 square meters

Financial data:

Staff: 60 employees

Geographical area of ​​activity: Italy

Company location: Italy - North West


The shareholders consider the sale of the company or business unit to a financially sound entity that allows further development