Integrates & Aggregate Maas into SPaaS.

GaiaGo has created a SaaS platform that aggregates and integrates sustainable mobility solutions, within public and private shared spaces (residential, corporate, HoReCa, institutions), whilst creating a marketplace for mobility time credits which can either be purchased, earned or gifted.

Monetize through Advertising.

Advertisers will use the platform to drive sales by offering mobility time credits as rewards in promotions and sales of their products or services. 3rd party operators can integrate with the GaiaGo platform growing the mobility credit ecosystem.

Proven Concept Raising for Growth.

Following on an investment of € 1.2M from its founders and three years of R&D , GaiaGo’s team has proofed the concept in Real Estate, Corporates and Hotels and is now looking for funding to expand in Europe.

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