Investment Club Searching Italian Targets

The club bridges a gap between the investment demand/needs of Entrepreneurs/Family Offices/HNWIs and the medium-long term capital requirements of quality Italian SME’S.

They identifies investment opportunities in quality small/medium firms and makes periodic recommendations to members of the club (a small/select group of Entrepreneurs/Family Office/HNWIs).

Target market:

Quality small/medium firms with revenues between 10 and 50 million euros, with a global vocation and/or competitive leadership positions in their niche markets and a clear value creation plan.

  • Co-investments with institutional investors specialized in investing in small and medium businesses.

  • Opportunistically in small/medium firms that are industrially robust but insolvent for reasons linked to the shareholders.

  • Enterprise value: roughly between €10 mln and €50 mln.

  • Equity value: between €8 mln and €30 mln per deal.

  • Type of investment: mainly majority stakes or minorities in the case of co-investments.

Industry: Generalist with emphasis on:

  • Manufacturing; Consumer / fast moving goods;

  • Food & Beverage;

  • Advanced services / manufacturing;

  • Robotics;

  • Health;

  • Education.