Medical technology


Nanoligent (Spain): targets the creation of tumor metastases binding the CXCR4 receptor and killing the tumour cells through nanoparticles combining a protein with a cytotoxic drug. Possibly applicable to more than 23 types of tumours. Animal models show high tolerability and effectiveness. Seeking € 5 M to complete pre-clinicals.

IHP (U.S.A.): developing a pipeline of anti-infective compounds. The lead compound, IHP-009, is a new, lower anti-coagulating form of heparin which has shown potential anti-viral activity against SARS-CoV- 2. Completed GMP manufacturing and ready to start a Phase 3 trial. Raising a $35M Series A round, with a $10M investment committed. Given heparin supply issues, the U.S. Government and the FDA are interested in reshoring new/alternate sources of heparin (such as IHP- 009).

Holy Stone Therapeutics (Taiwan): Clinical stage development for three separate investment programs based on proprietary hyaluronic acid drug delivery platform: - Hyaluronic acid drug conjugate (HADC) drug to treat metastatic colorectal cancer, already in Phase I in 3 US sites. Seeking $ 24 M to arrive at the end of Phase II - HADC targeted at Alzheimer therapy through multiple modes of actions, thanks to the hyaluronic acid capability of penetrating the Blood Brain Barrier. Seeking $ 7 M to complete pre-clinical and Phase I. Ulcerative colitis thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of multi-layer coating pellet technologies. Already in Phase I; seeking $ 14 M to complete Phase II Kineta (U.S.A.): Kineta is a clinical stage biotechnology company. Established strategic partnerships with Pfizer and Genentech with potential of $850 million in milestones and double-digit royalties. Seeking $ 10+40 M for product development and clinical trials in anti- VISTA program for solid tumours.

Interceptin (Italy) new theranostic formulation based on the combination of bispecific antibody fragments seeking PSMA and/or PSCA, addressing tumours generated from prostate, pancreas, bladder, stomach and colorectal. Our ADC fuses in a single molecule our patent-protected antibody with a toxin, capable of reducing tumoral mass by 75% in one month. We will address > 3M patients and expect to be able to generate more than > € 4 BN revenues for our future acquirer. The company is seeking € 6 M to complete pre-clinicals.

Medical Devices:

XSurgical Inc. (U.S.): Boston-based surgical robotic companies developing the first dual use robot that can be used in the open field for both military and civil emergencies. Our solutions permits to execute both laparascopic and open surgery with the same robot on an open platform, achieving much broader applications and better economics than current alternatives - we bring technology to the point of injury without moving the patient. Seeking $ 8 M to complete product development and regulatory approval to arrive to the market in 2024

ReJoint (Italy): First total knee replacement made through 8000 digitalised product variations adapted to each patient and made through 3D printing. Already selling in Europe to KOLs in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. FDA 510(k) expected in 2022. Seeking € 3 M for market expansion

Sooma (Finland): neurostimulation medical device for treating depression and chronic pain (tDMS); clinical trials on 302 patients show total remission on 51 patients and significant improvement on 186. CE marked and already in the market with more than $1M in revenues; FDA de Novo expected in 2022. Seeking € 5 M for market expansion

Eucardia (Italy): Heart Damper, designed to be a minimally invasive implantable class III medical device. Intended to provide a simple, quick and cost effective solution to treat patients affected by systolic heart failure, giving them a longer and better life expectancy, at the same time reducing healthcare costs for their assistance. Seeking € 5 M to complete product development and regulatory approval