IMPACT project using NFTs WITHOUT millions of paintings will be sold to highest bidders in Asia and ME, and many out of the 55.000 museums worldwide will shut down.

There are about 20 million undisplay artworks, valued in excess of $150 billion, in the US alone at the moment.

Museums generally display only 15-20% of their art collections. In addition, museums are critically cash-strapped,

We have the solution to the problem, through our 'MUSEO2.0. Through our Board of Advisors - all coming from the art world. One such Board member is David Nahmad, the owner of the largest Picasso collections (approx. 300 artworks) in the world, + Monet, Matisse, Renoir (David Nahmad owns 4,000 pieces of art in total).

More than half of David Nahmad-owned artwork is currently on loan to museums around the world. This is has enabled us to speak with some of the most renowned museums. They are all ready to sign up with us.

Out of 20 million artworks, we can easily digitize/NFT 100,000 pieces, to be sold at an average auction price of $1 million each, this will mean $100bi for museums and 10% fee of that to us.

Just on David Artworks, we can generate between $3 to $4BI in sales value

We are looking to raise $1.5m at a $10m valuation

To bring live the marketplace and begin scanning inventory (we adopt a state-of-the-art technology throughout the process of digitalization, image capturing, and displaying, as well as Cybersecurity for our Wallets and marketplace).

Let me know if you can help us to save ART

MUSEO2.0 intro Final
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