We have developed our new mobile app for global consumers. It gives them instantaneous purchasing power in physical retail stores and online via QR code,their very own checkout or MPOS ! Scan & pay !

At first glance, Q-Zero is an offline-to-online cashierless shopping system ( Mobile consumer facing APP and extensive retailer/vendor dashboard ) that enables the average consumer to check out independently of the traditional POS systems in physical retail stores: Scan, Buy & Go!

Deep down, Q-Zero features, in fact, an enhanced cross-channel commerce solution that offers the retailers:

  1. To harmonize and fully integrate the consumer shopping experience across offline and online channels;

  2. To rapidly implement an affordable pathway to join the cashierless shopping trend without any infrastructure investment;

  3. To gain access to a robust marketing engine powered by detailed analytics of their customers purchasing preferences.

  4. To allow end user to communicate efficiently during the shopping journey without needing assistance from sales associates on shop floor.

Q-Zero is the shortest and most convenient route to the future of omnichannel retail commerce.