Our planet is facing its biggest treat yet: by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. With a yearly lost of over $120BN, “sustainability” has become a strategic imperative for corporations: the value of the Con- sulting for Sustainability Projects Estimated to Reach $43.8 Billion by 2025. For the past twenty years there has been a major Corporate PR effort to focus the attention of media on “the problem”, resulting in an attempt to inhibit specific consumer behaviours, for example the consumption of plastic. Differently, the concept of “upcycling” shows how abandoned materials perceived as ”the problem” can in fact be transformed into materials with new textures and patterns that are exciting and can beused to create new content and products to enter into the Furniture and Accessory Design Market worth $ 182BN.

Supernovas was setup to make sustainability pop! With the ambition to become the go to brand in the industry, Supernovas team starts their journey with a content platform to establish their presence on the market, attracts corporations for the development of consulting projects aimed at delivering a new breed of Supernovas content & products to make sustainability more engaging and relevant to today’s engaged consumers. Make Sustainability Pop!

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