Tire and wheel distribution

The company has been operating in the tire and wheel distribution sector in the Italian market for 30 years with headquarters in Emilia Romagna.

  • The company belongs to a local entrepreneurial family.

  • Today it has about 15,000 customers connected to the B2B platform and a warehouse of about 4000 meters is therefore able to offer its customers a wide range of products such as: Alloy Wheels Steel Wheels Spare Wheel Tires Kit Wheels + Tire Car

  • Accessories Consumables Over the last few years, investments have weighed heavily and, unfortunately, a company restructuring program had to be evaluated which also includes the transition from a "turnaround" operation and bankruptcy procedure of the current operating company, with rent of company to a New.Co.

  • Financials

  • The company has developed the following values ​​referring to the last year ended (2019):

  • - Production value € 14.8 million;

  • - EBITDA € 0.56 million

  • - Net equity € 1.8 Mil.

  • AUTOMOTIVE AREA Total investment cut € 1,000,000.00

  • Forecasts

  • The company is well known on the market and now operates with selected and primary customers. The reorganization studied would allow the best company relaunch with an enhancement of the operating platform, also with the possibility of developing a platform for the B2C sector.


  • The current owner, with a view to formalizing a turnaround operation, is considering both the entry of a potential "financial / industrial partner". The goal is to restructure the company and strengthen it, with a view to being able to make the most of the opportunities for future growth in the face of an already studied industrial plan that must be shared. The values ​​and related holdings in the New.Co will be discussed in a confidential negotiation.