Ventuno is a multisensory experience; a journey through Italy’s traditions, flavors and landscapes, one region at a time. It tells the story of a timeless heritage and lifestyle, with special focus on sustainability – and how could it be otherwise? Where there is love and respect for terroir, there is love and respect for the environment: Ventuno solely selects premier DOC or DOCG wines and specialties and ingredients hailing from certified crops, boutique estates and master craftsmen that shun mass production and mercenary logic. Thanks to Ines Di Franco’s expertise and know-how, the Ventuno range has the added advantage of well-balanced pairing, ensuring gourmets and cognoscenti enjoy accomplished selections and exclusive convivial moments.  

Ventuno is a virtual tour of Italy that engages all five senses, from palate to sight: once you have savored the aromas and flavors of Italy’s terroirs and traditions, you will be able to steep yourself into the pristine landscape and ancient culture that nurtured these specialties with the Ventuno VR Viewer provided – a world of joyful authenticity and excellence, complete meals, snacks and aperitifs you can feast on in the comfort of your own home, by yourself or, better yet, with friends and family.